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3.5 Billion people are using social media! 

We can help you grab their attention

Hundreds of people are searching for your business every day. The problem is they can’t find you. Our job is to improve your search rankings and ensure you’re found!

We will help you get discovered!

Diverse Approach

The multi-faceted approach championed by our SEO agency is geared towards producing the greatest ROI for your business.

Professional Team

We have gathered the best graphic designers, web developers, SEO Analysts, and social media managers.

Expert Advice

Consultation based on your objectives, budget, and strategies.

Result Driven

We’ll buy a domain for you, host and design your website, manage the social media, generate a sitemap for your site, and evaluate the performance every day.

What we offer

We offer 4 core services, refined and all tested to ensure the highest level of success. If you’re facing an online challenge, you can be sure we’ve got a service to solve it.

Search Engine Optimization

Our main service is to ensure your website is the first a customer sees when they are searching for a service or product that your business offers.

Web Design

Web Design Portraying trust to potential client is essential in guaranteeing a sale. A great simple to use website can help drastically, some of the most notable benefits of a great website design are: Allows your website to rank higher in search engines Increases trust with the user (potential customer) Increases conversion rates

Paid Advertisement

Paid advertising is the fastest way to start generating leads from your website. It’s often referred to as PPC (Pay per click) simply because you will pay Google every time someone clicks your website through an Ad.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can benefit every type of business and is an absolute necessity if you want your business to be successful in the digital age. MediArtika provides a unique hands off approach, allowing you to stop worrying about your social presence and do what matters most – growing your business.

Expert Team

Vahid Niamadpour

  • Content writer
  • Web Developer
  • SEO Analyst

Laura Lanseros

  • Graphic designer
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Social media manager

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